Wednesday, May 9, 2012

mental health

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mental health

So your quack or nut doctor prescribed Zoloft or some other product to settle your mind. If the mind becomes frustrated for long periods of time with self talk of self destruction then some one will take control of your life to protect you and the community. Every one needs time to them selves and if this is not allowed then the mind takes over and forces itself on you weather it be good or bad depends on the self talk you use. If you have a friend in your head and he talks to you with kindness and encouragement this is a good thing and you will be fine. You are as nuts as the rest of us. If on the other hand the voice is condemning and nasty you are at a position of harm to your self and the community at large then some one will take control of your life. This is when you will be told what to do with the result of the voices condemning you more. It is about time the doctors realised this and gave people the opportunity of retraining the mind to do good and only good. The result is happier people and less demand on the system.
Doctor Iggle quack extraordinaire 

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