Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm just a quack

Do not think that I am anything special I am just a Quack. Maybe a gadichie man only forced on me by wrong doing against people I love. Any power one has is in the doing of good and a belief in ones self.
I know there is some countries in the world where freedom is erroded by power and hatred. When one has power hungry people at the top of there country then corruption is there mingled with the good and tarnishes the country as a whole. During the cold war hatred was preach by some and then becomes the normal. During the Vietnam war I was preached to that the chinese were to be hated along with all communists. This is so wrong and is evil in its making. Now that we have opened up the world to see and experience all the cultures of the world then the evil has to flourish elsewhere. The biggest war ever is the one that is happening now. The war on so called mental illness caused by greedy chemical companies. Here is another video to show how far these people will go in the name of greed.

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