Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Now that they have caught Malcome it will be interesting to see him rant and rave go into depression and the like. He might even take his own life. Some said he was a good bushman! Stealing from homes and properties in the area, no he was a criminal on the run and was to be treated as such. The dogs got him in the end.
Here is a previous post to get more of the story.
There is this bloke on the run for murder here in NSW Australia and has been for some six years.
Now he is on the run in the geographical area where I was bought up. This desolate wilderness area sub zero temperatures at night and in the thirty and forty's during the day.
This bloke you would think would have a mental illness for doing the crime he has.
If this is the case then why do they not catch this bloke well the answer is, he has the fight to continue on. This is the difference between him and those in a medical facility, the will to fight on has been taken from those in the institutions.
All handed to them spoon fed and no drive. As I said in the previous post hard work and lots of it with minimum food would certainly change the way they think and act and feeling sorely about them selves is not helping them or the community at large.
Drugs are the main causes of the problem in the first place, When some one is found with drugs in there system a severe crash course on hard work and small amounts of food would fix the problem.
There are some exceptions to this rule as some people are deficient from the start of life.

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