Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Home invasion again

Mental health in Australia came and took my wife away again and they asked if that was OK, I said that it wasn't and that they said they were going to take her and it didn't matter what I said, Mental health said as they was leaving we'll see me later and I said they wouldn't as I don't want them back. They said they will let me know what is happening and I said don't bother. I also said that I expressed my opinion once before and they didn't listen last time they took her and we are back in the same position as before and they didn't make things better in fact they made them worse. Electric shook torture took away her will to life.
There is a law that says that it illegal to give drugs to some one with out there permission. If someone is not in charge of there facilities then its OK to drug them. Seams there is an exception for the legal drug dealers and pushers.

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