Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chemical murder

I propose to outline cases of chemical murder that is going on around the world as I write these articles. The exercise in this blog is to allow you to research the subject in on place. Please feel free to write a comment or an article to this blog and all will be published.
Here is my story,
I am a estranged husband whom has had my wife removed from my house because she has a "mental illness" defined by professors of murder. As of this writing she is still alive but the latest news is she has been given a large dose of pain killers by mistake by the hospital. She is now under constant observation. I approached my local doctor and told him of the events and was told they will take care of it. The question is what are they going to take care of?  The cover up!
It turns out I have no rights at all but they have the right to tell me and worry me as what is going on.
I have been finally diagnosed with a stomach ulcer and was in such pain that I thought I was going to die.
 I was told I had cancer of the bowel and was to have had intrusive tests to remedy the problem. On arrival at the hospital to book in for these tests I collapsed in the foyer and taken to the casualty by a passing nurse hooked up to a machine that checks all vital signs then what I thought was a heart attack happened with the machine monitoring the results showed nothing and finally an ulcer was to blame.
Stress was the culprit.
This was written by professor Iggle Quack Extraordinaire

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