Saturday, May 19, 2012


Show me a mental illness autopsy so as to prove there was really a mental illness scans only prove what the drugs have done.
 It takes two people to have a mental illness (the victim and the doctor of death)
The diagnostic tool is a weapon used to manipulate people for a monetary gain.
Political parties use the pretense to eliminate there opponents.
Punishment of prisoners is more humane than someone with the tag of a mental illness,and it is worse than prison.
Correct thinking or going along with the mob is the way we are to go and this is what happened in Germany before the second war.
Was Jesus mentally ill or were the people who tried to kill him?
No body takes mental psychiatrists serious just brush it under the carpet and the death doctors will make it go away.
I hope this blog is building resistance to doctors of doom.
Health care is made for the doctors and there way of life and the rest of us are a threat.
Temptation is out, mental disease is in. Governments control, don't need religions as the government has taken over.
Self medication is bad in that the doctors don't have control.
Self control and self medication and you don't need government.
We the workers are the producing part of the population are here to help others, what are the rest here for.
Liberty has died because it overdosed on therapy
Diseases are cures as the patients die of natural causes.
Drug abuse is personal control or lack of it.
Behavior is not a disease its a habit, you have the right to your own behaviour as long as it doesn't hurt others.
The only place you can be detained is in mental hospitals by psychiatric death doctors with your liberties taken away without a defence being made.
Cure care and coercion are used in the enforcement of treatment on there victims.
There are two types of policing, blue coated and white coated. I would rather deal with the blue coats.
Prosecuting treatment voluntary and in voluntary you don't have a choice its voluntary.
Remove federal funding and physiology social workers and the lot would be gone.
 Cure tests in Phaidra sorry psychiatric but then both are the same.
This is a must to watch.
Cheers professor Iggle Quack extraordinaire.

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