Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reply to passing the buck

The complaint is made and the hospital was Shellharbour and the Nowra mental health.The police informed was Nowra and amazingly my wife is living with someone else thanks to the advise she has received from visitors or the staff at the hospital. I will not talk to you as I might become elevated and then require treatment like they did to me in Tumut by assigning me a case manager (I do not have a mental illness) when they took my wife.. I am over it now and I will never trust the doctors of death again. These people administered drugs to my son at Shellharbour for breaking the finger off a pornographic statue in a Helensburg temple . I told them not in any way were they to touch my son physically as he was taught by a martial arts group to return the force doubly. with out emotion on his face. He was beaten up by the Dapto High School football team.and I told him to learn to fight which he did. Several of the thugs sorry male nurses at the Shellharbour hospital did not heed the warning and one was admitted to hospital as a result. As I have stated before not one hospital has ever cured mental illness.
In fact I challenge you to prove there is a chemical imbalance in the brain of any of your patients sorry victims in the care of any mental institution in the world.
I also challenge you to stop me reporting to my blog.
I also challenge you to read my blog and leave a comment
Professor Iggle Quack extraordinaire

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