Monday, March 25, 2013

Mental illness needs perental training

There is a need to train parents before they become parents. I many years ago was on the slippery slide to disaster and turned around by doing a mind power course.
Parents can only teach there children what they know, if they know violence and thuggery then it will become worse as the generations go on.
There is a need for mind power courses in schools at an early age of say 5 when the mind is at its most influential time.
 I was at a camp site on the week end where there was a 11 year old boy, he was prone to playing with himself in public due to the fact that he was given pornographic videos to watch in his earlier years.
This child was given stimulating wrong information and the result is not surprising, In the years to come we will hear more from this child as he goes threw life.
If a child is given good wholesome information then this will give the same results in a different area.
I have seen the results of this in my own family with the youngest (after mind power) getting the full results of positive information.
Professor Iggle quack extraordinaire

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