Monday, September 9, 2013

Voices in my head

I have never had the problem of voices consuming my waking life but I have imaginary friends and if the quacks find out then I would be consumed by drugs and have someone else's opinion forced on me. Yes the doctors of death would love to read this.
 I once said jokingly said that I wanted to be the CEO of BHP Pty. Ltd. and was labeled with dreams of grandeur.
  It never had the occurred to me that being buried alive in a coal mine under the underground bins had anything to do with my problems. Or being 60 feet down a pipe in muddy water during my diving career and loosing my air supply had anything to do with the voices. Or the time I was nearly drowned tangled in rope 6 inches from the surface. Then there was the time I fell into a molten sulpher pit and was saved by the safety harness I had on. No I was invincible.

I was lucky because I was a loner and the voices were my friends and saw me threw many a life threatening time.

I said before that I would look for answers to supposedly mental illness and here is another link to non drug treatment.
Please enjoy and share. Professor Iggle

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