Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Let's look at chemical murder from a different perspective.

Did you know that two drops of petrol and that's not even super petrol can kill a bee hive in minutes.
The size of the dose is irreverent and is causing problems all threw the food chain.
You have unused medications and you flush them down the toilet or even wiping your bench tops with anti fungal or disinfectant washes and rinse the washer under the tap. Where does the chemical end up? The stuff on the washer ends up in the sewer system whats on the counter top ends up all over you or even worse in you.
A the sewer plant the solids are removed and the rest of the water is treated with more chemicals and the final use of bacteria cleans the water before it is released into the environment. Now let me tell you some gets threw the system from a small amount to a lot. There was water warnings in Wollongong about dumping waste untreated water into the oceans yes with chemicals.
Fish eat the chemicals and you eat the fish now you are contaminated.
Did you know that teflon is in large proportions in peoples blood streams in the USA.
I use cast iron pots to cook in and any of  the material coming off is Iron and is good for me. The next best is stainless steel cook ware.
Did you know that bees are on the decline and are badley need for plant polination and that 30% of bee hives die off in America and Australian bees are supplied to meet the loss.
Chemicals in containers are not our friends.
Did you know bees have a better health insurance scheme than humans do.
Mono cultures are wiping out bees in large areas of the US. 
Is there need for alarm and the answer is phucken oath there is.

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