Monday, July 30, 2012


Pam's treating team keep asking questions about me.I have told her not to tell them anything about me. They are trying to get a file on me so as to remove me from my home against my will. I am not paranoid but the feeling of threat can not be ignored. It may be that I have to get away from Pam for my own safety. I was once assigned a case manager behind my back, I know this as the assigned case manager told me
Today they asked Pam if I had a mental illness when she went in for the forced injection. She cannot get out of it as the court of law ordered it. The cost of this drug to the community is $440.79 every month for five months.
That's a miniscule amount of $2,203.95 for every victim of the doctors of death for a five month period.
Pam had to pay $5.80 for the privilege of killing herself.
Because I am out spoken they want to silence me.
Cheers Professor Iggle Quack extraordinaire.

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