Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Letter from New South Wales Government and reading between the lines in yellow

To Mr  name spelt wrong
By personal delivery through Pamela xxxx
Dear Mr Thomas ( not my name)
We understand you had some questions about your wife"s treatment.
My estranged wife to be exact. No I do not have questions and even if I did you are not going to answer them any way. But my concerns are the who is going to administer these psychotic drugs to her as I am not a registered nurse or doctor. I am just a quack extraordinaire 
Pamela has had Depression with Psychotic Features
Pamela has had is the operative words here so why is she on psychotic drugs?
This  means that she needs to stay on an antidepressant and psychoanalytic drugs for at least two years.
The previous statement says HAS HAD so why the medications
She will also need significant assertive follow up from the local Community Mental Health Team
Don't you think Pam has had enough assertive (bulling and rape and bashing ) in her life?
Your assistance with this is much appreciated and your support and advocacy for her treatment and contact with the Community Mental Health Team is necessary for her not to relapse and need another admission to hospital.
Don't you dump this on me as I do not support your treatment and will not support the removal of her from my home.So now I have to treat her with assertion and bully her like the rest of you do. She never needed the last admission to hospital, as she was released from Shoalhaven hospital two days earlier on her own reconnaissance.
We understand your concerns about medication safety. We recommend a Webster pack (able to be provided by your local pharmacy) and supervised ingestion at regular hours.
No you do not understand my concerns about medication safety as these drugs can knock the socks off a heard of goats and put them to sleep for two days and when they awake they are ravenous and eat anything. They the goats will eat even a Webster pack full of medication and sleep for days. How can one feed Pam the medication as the goats have eaten them as this is what happened on our block in Gundagai.. Luckily it was goats and not my granddaughter.
Currently she is well with no mood problems or psychotic features.
No she is not well as she arrived home with extreme coughing and I was unable to ascertain weather it was the flu or a effect of the drugs. (which I do not know the dosage or the type of drug she is on)
Please feel free to call or come in to the unit for a personal conversation with the treating team.
No!! as I am not sure weather that is a conversation or a consultation as the last time I spoke to a treating team I was given a case manager.
Kind regards
Dr Charles Austin -Woods
Psychiatry Register
On behalf of  Dr V Garg, Consultant Psychiatrist
I also note on a previous occasion I wanted to know where Pam was you couldn't read Dr Garg's writing. Also as Dr Garg is the consultant  I would prefer to get a letter from him directly or is it that  not possible, because he can not write?  

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