Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Medical incompitence

I have never seen so much incompetence as I have seen in the last two days. My wife was released from hospital  and had to get a Taxi home cost 250.00 dollars. When she got home she was sick I mean really sick with an extremely bad cough either from the drugs or the flu. Being a quack extraordinaire I prescribed he cough medication from the supermarket. I do not know the types of drugs she was injected with so I have had to take pot luck as far as the side effects are concerned. There was a letter for me with a whole heap of bulshit in it. I have been given two surnames in the letter. Yes total incompetence.  It is great to have her for months and when she needed medication they sent her home with out any medical instructions or medications .. She is booked into a doctor tomorrow being the fist time I can get her in to see.

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