Friday, June 1, 2012

tazers are good for you

Psychicraists say that electric shock is good for us.  Hundreds of people have died from there use.  Civil liberties argue against there use. The pain is intense with out leaving visable marks. Tazers are  the same catorgry as pepper sprays it is said. Electric shock from appliances in the wrong hands is lethal.

Hundreds have died after being tasered, so Tuesday's Dateline asks if tasers are really safe and whether police rely on them too much.
Is electric shock treatment used too much? Mabe you should ask the same question about EST.
The death of Brazilian man Roberto Laudisio Curti in Sydney after being tasered by police has once again thrust the safety of tasers into the headlines.
EST is used on a weekly basis in Wollongong deaths and maiming do occur.

His isn’t the first death after being incapacitated with a shock from the 50,000 volt weapon, but the manufacturers in the United States still insist they’re safe.
They say the same about EST and it is only 400volts.

On Tuesday’s Dateline at 9.30pm on SBS ONE, Nick Lazaredes gets open access to Taser International's factory in Arizona, as well as going on patrol with Portland Police in Oregon, who both vigorously defend their use.
Psychiricists say the same about EST
But he also finds a growing list of incidents where people have been left dead or seriously injured after being tasered by police… some of them without even committing any crime.
Same as mental patients here with no crime and being detained in  Australia 

So has the safety of tasers really been properly tested? And have police gone too far in relying on their use?
We know that EST is dangerous and takes lives and it has been tested on humans with deaths worldwide.

 Seems that no one are game to tackle the biggest organised rort by doctors of death world wide.

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