Saturday, June 16, 2012

I have seen

I have seen where patients have been provoked and lash out at the staff in a mental hospital and have suffered at the hands of the staff. On one occasion the patient was pushed and the patient was then attacked by eight people with the result of several male nurses being severely hurt, two were admitted to hospital and didn't return to work for several months. The Doctors get paid more as the patient goes up the scale from one to five, five being the best paid and one the worse. The system needs a total overhaul. I personally have felt the wrath of the judicial system with me making a complaint to the judicial commission and the complaint dropped because the judicial officer retired and no further action was taken against the officer. These people are a law unto themselves. I do not have a mental illness but they can make one up out of the DSM. Quick question:- where was the last Olympic games held? Don't know then you have dementure. I will make it harder for you sports nuts. Who was the first astronaut to touch foot on the moon? Don't know yep you definitely have dementure.
This leads to you taking some psychotic drug and your freedom taken away.
They have been getting Pam to ring on the phone and hit me with a extremely loud ear piercing sound and I have reacted with some swearing then they turn the sound down so I cannot hear Pam, again with the result of me looking like being a nutter.
What does one do? Walk away from my partner and companion. There is no choice.
Cheers From professor Iggle quack extraordinaire

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