Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cover up

Pam just rang and said that they now have a photo id for medications, Why is this now just happened?
Then there is the thing of letting her into the community and letting her go to some drug dealers place from the past, rather than her coming home to her place of abode. I have now been tarnished with some psychotic disease that they have found in the DSM version V.
Anyone doctor whom cannot write legibly  has got to be of dubious character. I would go as far to say they have a mental illness. Anyone whom prescribes a drug that swells the tongue and calls it treatment has also got dreams of grandeur also has a mental illness. These are questions and answers in the DSM which define you as having a mental illness. Facts being facts then Pam's doctor of death has a mental illness he also has government approval to push psychotic drugs legally.
Never in the history of psychiatry has a single person been cured of there disease, many have died in horrible circumstances. This then becomes the cure and no charges are laid against the doctor of death.

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