Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Check List

Just having a check list in a operating room has stopped unnecessary deaths this is a fact now with this said lets look into some other things.
Is your drug what it is tested to be and the answer to this is no and why. Research is being tampered with. Papers are written and lies are being told by omission as to a drugs abilities. Research misconduct is fraud and companies must be penalized.
Not so, by leaving out bad results in testing is fraud and it must be stopped.
Then there is the fake fixes by people spruking the untrue results that they are paid for to report in the media.
Health care is cheap if done correctly.
Lets start with the right good food exercise and good water.
Followed up with clean housing and warm beds.
Some doctors have waiting times measured in the hours and this is unacceptable. Lets put gym equipment into these waiting rooms and get people moving as this is all some people need.

Now to sum up we need to measure performance not only that of the patients but also that of the doctors. Would it be nice to read on the walls of a doctors surgery the testimonies of real patients who are fixed.  

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