Sunday, December 29, 2013

The government hospitals and psychiarists distroyed my well being.

Psychiatrists  knowingly destroy peoples lives with the over medication of there patients.
 This is pure fact that increasing Serotonin you also deplete Dopamine, thus reducing the feelings of belonging and the sex drive as well. Love and all its forms will be taken away leaving people as empty shells.
In the future there will be court cases against psychiatrists and hospitals who knowingly destroy lives marriages and families. If you are in this category you have a moral right to protect your self and your family.
I am sick of people who know of my experiences with the mental health system asking "what can I do".
My answer is "sue the phucking arse off the psychiatrist and hospitals". The more people who do this the less will be the tendency of over dosing of patients.
I have spoken and given statistics of children on these drugs which is against the law so the chances of a good outcome will be positive in these people. These people will need all the monetary help they can get for there future.

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