Friday, March 13, 2015

Sugar the invisible drug

Sugar is added to everything in a box or a jar fast food even bread. Because of the high intake of sugars in our modern diet the the Ph level of the body turns acid and overweight.
Now for the layman if you plant a rose in acid soil it will thrive change the soil to alkaline the rose will suffer and my be die.
Just say that cancers like acid bodies which are feed by unnatural amounts of sugar that turns the body acid then taking thee half tea spoons of Bi Carb Soda in water three times a week to make the body alkaline it stands to reason the cancer might die. I personally know Jock rash will die.
Bi carb soda taken in the amounts suggested will cause less tension in the body than chemotherapy over the same period of time and just maybe kill cancer or other acid related diseases.
The other side effect from personal experience is I seem to have more energy.

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