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my name is alex christianopoulos I am a victim of major police corruption some of my police operations ive been on included tony mokbel australias largest underworld crime figure called a drug lord by the media I have been fighting for justice for 14 years my story starts in 1999 and continues now I am anonymous

i am a victim of a police protection property extortion racket with my property worth 1.8 million dollars being attempted to be stolen of me

jamie johnson my building company partner in 1999 was dishonest in running our buisness which i allowed him to do because my mother was dying ,my girlfreind had severe mental illness issues very suicidal at the time and my sons mother had personal problems so i had to take full time care for my son as well.Jamie johnson i had set him up so well in our buisness he had no money and just come out of bankruptcy you have no idea how much i did for him i expected freindship loyalty and trust from him instead he fed me to the lions and even tried to murder me to steal these 2 properties of me and put me in jail facing the most corrupt police operations you can imagine where you dont have to break a law to go to jail.Jamie johnson has freinds in high places in the western australian police force and they are very corrupt to say the least for they are responsible for most of the things that happened to me
Bentley hospital when I whistleblew my corruption with the police and my properties involving Jamie Johnson and the police became a big part of my life in 2006 january

whistleblowing on the corruption and jamie johnson and the police started what is called dissent by medical record which means when police corrupt a psychiatrist to give a false diagnosis of mental illness to discredit whistleblowing

western Australia police been rated as the most corrupt in the country and I believe it with what ive experienced
i  had just put to jamie johnson in 2005 october for the first time i hadnt spoken to him for years .I contacted jamie by phone and put to him his involvement and the western australian police force involvement in the extortion over my proprerties with his police officer freind george loverock being the main player.                                              
  • because I had blown the whistle on the corruption to Jamie Johnson he wrote offer I could have my properties back at no cost but then he reneged on this offer he had shat himself during the phone conversation and then corrupt psychiatry was to enter my world to bury the corruption truth in my world

    police used the tool to bury corruption this is used by corrupt police all over the world there are case studies from all parts of the the world the police even use it on there own police whistleblowers as one case happened to a new York cop
  • this happened to me I was put into a straight jacket and rushed to padded cell by about 13 staff members for refusing to take medication

    I n the padded cell I was held down with staff having there whole body weight on me and I was offered to take my medication now or they will give me an injection it was very barbaric and evil very inhumane felt like I had no rights and wasn't a human being
  • and then Bentley hospital gave me a number my number is k4346307 it was like I had no feelings anymore and was a piece of meet

    I had not done anything wrong I had just spoke up about the police extortion racket I was a victim of and my property dispute which involved Jamie Johnson and definatley the western Australian police

police realised with the offer that jamie made to give back the houses to me at no cost in actual fact was jamie johnson surrendering $900,000 dollars cause i said him and the police with his freiend george loverock were extorting me over the property was making them look very bad so western australian police turned to corrupt psychiatry to bury the corruption truth for them

I was in amongst patients that looked liked this we were in a locked ward with little to do arguments broke out everywhere between patients and staff people were sleeping in hallways under tables one girl started masturbating in front of everyone watching tv ,I seen a patient have a huge fight and destroy a phone booth that patients use but I was treated as the most dangerous patient and I have no history of violence or weapons nothing.what I realised as time went on why I was considered so dangerous is what I knew about the police and western Australian government corruption
since 2006 january i have been forced drugged which makes me  feel like absolute shit everyday the drugs made me sexualy disfunctional which means i cant have sex unless i use viagra and other stimulates .The medication takes away any drive to do anything and i am given injections monthly so there is no way around it.After receiving my injection that first week i pretty much am in bed all week and dont move the second week i get a bit of movement happening and slowly build up .By the time i am almost ready for my injection again is the best i feel then it starts all over again.                                                                                              catching police informents or making complaints to police internal affairs my psychiatrist raises my medication as a form of torture as you can imagine what im feeling already becomes even worse.The psychiatrist at bentley hospital have no compassion or empathy for me they are goverment psychiatrist acting out what the goverment wants for me and they simply are prepared to  do this to keep there jobs with no morals or care towards my feelings and my massive side affects to the drugs they are giving me even though they dont take away what they call my delusions which is actualy real corruption.                                                                                     The hospital is only interested in the corrupt police version of the story i am not allowed to present damming evidence which prooves my case and witnesses and freinds presenting evidence or supporting my case are listened to as if they are delusional or what they have just spoken isnt even heard.The whole system and my situation is so corrupt i have captured my psychiatrist and a politician on two seperate occassion setting me up for two seperate admissions into mental instution i have this evidence recorded on my digital recorder but nobody wants to listen.Some nursing staff are very alarmed with my situation and very aware that i am not ill but to scared to speak out and go against my psychiatrist diagnosis in fear of reprisals from the hospital or loss of there jobs its a very sad situation to be in not just for me but there are others out there i find them searching the internet
Bentley hospital isn't in as bad a condition as this picture but the feeling that you get from this picture is the same from inside Bentley hospital locked ward inside its a feeling of lost souls desperation wounded hearts and minds lost for ever never to return patients walk around the ward so drugged up they walk like zombies patients that are making recoveries are generally patients that are being drugged less my visitors that visited me at times when I was drugged to the eyeballs had thought I had lost my mind then realized later it was the amount of the drugs the hospital had pumped into me which was the reason for my condition foaming at the mouth etc for one of an example

please support me and my family and freinds with my fight for justice we are picking up supporters everywhere and finding other victims with similar stories to mine

this is exactly how I feel and how the government wants you to feel about me its absolutely ludercis
please veiw these pages that i am writing and leave comments if you want to join my fight we welcome you with open arms .Tell your family freinds work collegues anybody about my story we want the numbers to grow dramaticly to give me a voice leave strong comments if thats what you feel even contact bentley hospital yourself please if you walk past injustice dont expect justice later on its as simple as that thank you alex christianopoulos and family
this message is so true please don't leave me locked up inside this mental institution to rot I have a dream and that is to have the rights that others enjoy I want a voice that gets listened to and I have a body that I don't want to be held prisoner to by my mind because of the mind boggling drugs they got me on and I have sexual organs that I want to use not embarrass me and hold me back from human interactions that we all take for granted please people give me back what I had before I spoke out for me and the community on corruption
Kind regards alex christianopoulos and family including my pets the one sitting next to me the police attempted to murder caught the police in the act had his stomach pumped and his brothers pup murdered by the same police officer we are all counting on you the public for your support our lives literally depend on it

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