Thursday, May 23, 2013

Taking a different view (non drugs)

Fear V Danger
Fear is when you are in survival mode of thinking.
Anxiety V Vulnerable
Anxiety is living in the head try doing this when in fear mode, do an inventory of your body parts.
If you can it is not fear it is anxiety.
You need to be warm interested and non judgmental.
What I am saying is that it gets worse before it gets better. Same as what goes up must come down. Survival trumps growing  but anxiety is part of growing.
 there is three sections to this
1/ Be in a safe place
2/ Internal relationship I love me, me, me.
3/ Experiences +time which dosnt happen in this now world.
Sit and think, You are a river and you want the most water to pass you in a given time with out spilling it over the banks. If you spill the water over the banks you are in turmoil. Get the flow right and then ride the waves. Allow your self to be carried by the water and enjoy the ride. Smell the flowers of life.

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